The ltd. was founded in 08.02.1991, from 1977 from a handcrafted firm working well, with private capital. 
The ltd. is developing dinamically. After the company was founded, we had bought industrial area, where is an opportunity to operate a bigger machine park, and develop the company. Currently we have 1200 m2 locksmith workshop and 400 m2 cutting section, the number of the employees is 40.

Our main profile:

  1. Machine tools, the production of working centres' additional elements
  2. Telescopic steel covers
  3. Roller blind sleigh defender casings
  4. Hydraulics containers and his accessories, other containers
  5. The production of the casings of medical precision engineering products
  6. The making of the parts of deforesting machines

Besides the products above, our company deals with iron framework and body ironer work, laser cutting, CNC flame and plasma cut, AWI-, CO2-, arc-, flame-, and with dot welding, CNC and manual metal chipping.

Our company's customers are foreigner in a bigger part and domestic undertakings in a smaller part,we have managed to build up a positive contact since years with our market partners. Our domestic customers' circle is recurrent, mainly machine tool components production is our profile.
Into Austria we produce the parts of deforesting machines, the quantity of the orders is growing year to year.

We aim for the extension of our exports, we have a stable contact with our Swiss partner for about five years, where we deliver machine tool components.

We try to produce products high-quality, to meet the our customers' and the today's market's claims. For this continuous development, expansion is neccesary, which motivates our firm always.

We have ISO and TÜV certification.
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